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Designed and Developed at Griffith Textile Machines , the Griffith Rapier Loom is the world’s only Rapier Hand Loom. As the Griffith Loom is pedal driven , it is carbon neutral and very quiet . It is designed so it can be used in many different industries but the majority of machines are used for weaving Harris Tweed . The Bonas Griffith Harris Tweed Loom ( as it used to be known ) is now the work-horse of the Harris Tweed industry , being used by the majority of the 140 weavers currently working in the Outer Hebrides


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Reed width 2 metres
Maximum fabric width in the reed 1.9 metres
Number of weft colours 6
Maximum number of heald frames 8
Pick repeat 4 to 16 , any sequence
Take-off rate 0,6  picks per mm
Floor space ( without operators seat or weft creel ) 3100mm wide by 1500mm deep                The weight of the machine ( without beam ) is approx 475 kg

Wide Fabrics

Reed width  2 metres including 2 x single width operation

Fast and easy pedalling

The use of a lightweight rapier makes possible the weaving of both wide and narrow fabrics at high speed with light pedalling. A 2metre reed width loom can be pedalled continuously at 80 picks per minute , and a 1 metre machine at 120 picks per minute

Easy weft pattern change

 Punched card selector

Gentle on yarns

The small shed and short reed throw mean less abrasion of the warp yarn

Constant warp tension let-off

This is achieved by a simple tension controlled braking system. The tension can be altered by changing the position of the spring

Quiet and clean

It can be installed almost anywhere

No pirn winding or pirn replenishment

The weft is taken straight from standard yarn packages

Yarn break signal

A battery operated break indicator alerts the weaver to a weft or leno yarn break with an audible and visual led alarm

Spare Parts

Our spare parts department is geared to providing same day shipment of all stocked items



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