Electronic Jacquard Conversion

The gtm selector is a versatile modular system which allows a flexible approach in upgrading jacquards and is also used in non Axminster related selection devices.

Two main types of system are available removing the need for expensive card stamping to suit your requirements :-

Standard conversion

Utilising your existing Mechanical jacquard lifting motion, GTm will fit
precision lifting bars and control electronics, selectors and guides.

Full Conversion

Complete Electronic Jacquard including lifting motion. This system
is supplied on existing machines where the Mechanical Jacquard is
unsuitable for conversion, or for new looms.

Number of Colours

The Griffith Textile Machines’ electronic Jacquard enables customers to upgrade their looms from 8 to 12 frame weaving. We can also modify from 8 to 12 colours at any time after installation. The complete Jacquard can be supplied for up to 16 colours.

Long Design Lengths

Virtually unlimited design lengths are possible

Multipat Option

Allows up to 5 different designs to be woven simultaneously across the width of the loom. Designs may be of different lengths and of different repeats

Set Width Option

Allows starting position of carpet and width of carpet to be set

Set length Option

Allows start row , number of pattern repeats and end row to be set. The computer automatically stops the loom when the length has been woven. These features are set at the loom and can be easily changed.

Design Direct from Cad System

Accepts designs direct from disk from all popular CAD systems via floppy disk or direct from computer file server (APSO, HCS, TCS, and NET file formats supported.The network can also be used for production control monitoring

Screen Display of Woven Carpet

Updates as each row is woven

Simple Operator Controls

Menu system allows all operations to be controlled by three industrial push buttons

Automatic Error Diagnostics

Monitors power and air supplies, reports errors and stops loom automatically

Maintenance Diagnostics
Allows static testing of all selecrtion functions for rapid fault diagnosis and repair


Uses windows based software

Modular Construction

Fault rectification in minutes by changing modules, thus ensuring minimum downtime. Boards can be sent to Griffith Textile Machines for reconditioning

Simple Low Maintenance Mechanism

Permanent magnet selectors with very low power consumption

Spare Parts & Support

Our Spare Parts Department is geared to providing same day shipment of all stocked items. Service engineers are available, normally next day.

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