Bespoke Carpet Weaving

Based in Washington in the North East of England, Griffith is part of the Ulster Carpets group. We specialise in creating premium quality Axminster carpets for prestigious hotels, museums, casinos, resaurants and golf courses. We design, manufacture and install to suit your requirements as part of our rapid turnaround service.


Capacity: in excess of 250,000 sq metres per annum

Typical order size: 50 to 15000 sq metres

Width: Any width up to 4.57 metres / 15 feet

Tuft Length: 18 – 30mm

Quality: 5 to 14 rows per inch

Colours: Up to 50


Working with our design house at Ulster Carpets, the options are limitless with up to 50 colours in your design. We offer a full sampling service so that you get review the design prior to manufacture.


Yarns used in Griffith carpets are spun incorporating the best of British wool to achieve the bounce, resilience and recovery expected in the finest carpets.


Greater efficiency in short run quantities and production flexibility in long runs are achieved by using the very latest state of the art High Speed Axminster looms and Automated yarn loading machines here at our Sunderland plant.

Project Management

Griffith offers complete management of custom woven projects through initial concept to specialist fitting.

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